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Partnering with Wonder Worth Solutions allows you to experience medical billing the way it should be – honest, simple, efficient, and transparent.

The role of our providers should be to help patients, not battle with insurance companies. Partnering with WWS will allow you to focus on what you do best; while we focus on what we do best: getting you paid for the services you provide.

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Includes experienced medical billers, CPT certified coders, experienced account receivable (AR) folks. Our medical billing services retain the highest caliber people to deal effectively and efficiently with insurance companies and government entities.

All claims are transmitted electronically and filed after verification. Easy-to-read dashboard reports are available online 24/7 from any computer. Our reporting procedures and processes are truly unrivaled in the medical billing industry.

Our exposure and in-depth knowledge on working with several Medical billing softwares includes Azaleahealth, Carecloud, Kareo, eClinicalWorks, eMDs, Greenway, Navicure, Lytec, Medisoft, Mysis, Medisys, Office Ally, GE Centricity, EMA Dermatology, RxNT, AdvancedMD, Athena Health, Imagine, Allscripts, HealthNautica, Practice Expert, Practice Fusion, NextGen, SequelMD, Practice Partner, OmniMD, Zirmed and many others.

With all claims being processed within 24-hours, WWS thrives to advance your profits and increase collections up to  45%, while lowering billing costs (Best In The Industry ). We have coached and partnered with over 300 physicians and are the “go-to” company for hundreds of physician practices, clinics and individual physicians.

We ensure that our Providers are assured of, not just increased revenue but thorough HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliancy, as well! We value the informational security of our clients and have followed the rules and updates issued by hipaa since 1999. We’ve been regularly audited for hipaa compliancy and have been declared as hipaa compliant, by several major organizations.


“Well Done is Better than Well Said.” -Benjamin Franklin

Success can be defined a million different ways — and it looks different for everyone who achieves it. But one thing all successful Providers we serve have in common is an insatiable passion for serving humanity, and the motivation to constantly improve it.


Wonder Worth Solutions LLC. is a complete service revenue cycle management company committed in helping medical practices be more efficient in patient caring and revenue generating by out-sourcing their insurance processing and medical billing. We pride ourselves being a wide-ranging one-stop-shop for all medical practice administrative functions.

WWS serves practices anywhere in the U.S. with its Corporate Head Office located in Delaware, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Our firm handles practices of any size but specializes in large group practices. In fact, we routinely handle more than 30,000 claims per month for some of our clients.


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Industry research and survey results estimate that the average medical practice in the United States spends approximately $83,000 every year on the administrative costs associated with physician insurance claims processing and collections. In addition, medical and practice support staff spends an average of 20 hours or more each week working on the medical billings and claims submission process.

And those figures don’t account for the portion of revenue lost on outstanding and unpaid claims. While administrative costs and procedures are a necessary component to any service provider, every dollar and hour spent on the medical billing services and claims process is an investment and resource being diverted from what matters most to every medical practitioner – offering patients the highest quality care possible. More on proper coding, medical billing services, and physician management from AAPC.com.

WWS was created to help healthcare providers focus on their patients while also benefiting from expert physician revenue management help, all while saving you money. Through practice management tailored to each client’s needs, whether a small or large group practice, we have helped countless medical practitioners in the exact ways they need, all while reducing our overhead costs.

As a complete medical billing management firm with 14 years of experience serving small and large practices, we manage every aspect of the physician billing management process, increasing practice net revenue through payment collection and lowering overall administrative costs to our clients Since 2003, WWS was named medical billing service of the year by Best Of Wilmington !

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