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HME Industry: INR Self Monitoring Can Bring New Revenue

These days the HME industry is faced with its share of challenges, from competitive bidding to complex payer requirements. So suppliers are looking for new revenue opportunities. As health care continues to evolve, the trend for quicker, better and more cost-efficient care grows. That is where patient self-testing presents an increasing opportunity for the HME […]

Everything You Need to Know About Using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource

  The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource, commonly known as FHIR, has quickly become one of the most popular protocols for joining disparate systems together, and holds great promise for the development of an application-based approach to interoperability and health information exchange. As health data interoperability becomes an increasingly pressing concern for providers, developers and vendors […]

HME Providers: How to Manage Your Billing and Sales Data to Increase Profits

  Many HME providers don’t have an easy solution to analyze their data to make informed and timely decisions. Understanding your data can lead to seeing where your money is coming from, finding new cash flow and even plugging problems before they become a headache. Is it hard to gather and interpret raw data and […]

CMS Site Visits: DME Providers and Suppliers Enrollment Screening

The CMS site visit verification process is a screening mechanism to prevent questionable providers and suppliers from enrolling in Medicare. Providers and suppliers will be screened by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) designated national site visit contractor, with the exception of Durable Medical Equipment suppliers which are handled by the National Supplier Clearinghouse. CMS is […]

How Providers Fight for the DME Prior Authorization Battle?

Needless to say medical practices dealing with Durable Medical Equipment are in complete loss lose a lot with DME prior authorization. A lot of time and effort is being invested alone on DME prior authorizations now, which means monetary loss as an immediate effect. The recent changes and every additions and modifications to it demand […]

How HME Accreditation Benefit for your Medical Practices?

HME Accreditation To become accredited means that you have applied, implemented and adhered to a set of business practices that focus on quality and quality of care. If you intend to submit claims to Medicare for Part B DME items, it means that you have gone through the process to adhere to the set of Quality Standards that Medicare […]

Benefit to a Better Bottom-Line with Complete DME Billing Solution

DME Billing Solution It is a known fact that DME providers are already facing a lot of problems with the increasing confusion in insurance benefits and medical claims. A synchronized effort with the right design, transformation process with the help of intelligent revenue cycle management processes that adapt well with the market realities is the […]

Incorporating DME Into Treatment Protocols: Can This Transform Your Practice?

Having established Incorporating DME into treatment protocols for common conditions one sees in practice can go a long way toward reining in costs and maximising efficiency. We offers insights on the benefits of these protocols. How to incorporate durable medical equipment (DME) into the equation? While streamlining care is designed to improve patient outcomes and […]