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Eight Ways DME Companies Can Thrive In Hard Times

Several years ago, DME competitive bidding was instituted by Medicare and the impact has been dramatic. Many smaller DME companies that could not successfully compete sold their assets, restructured their business, or simply closed their doors. However, other companies saw an opportunity to be exploited. In my national DME merger and acquisition practice, I’ve seen […]

How to Thrive a Medical DME Suppliers in a Competitive Space?

How Medical DME Suppliers thrive to push boundaries? As an industry, the Medical DME supplier market world is more competitive than ever before. Whether it’s a product of technological innovations, an ageing population, or some combination of the two, more people are accessing Medicare and medical equipment than ever before. For medical DME  suppliers, and […]

Get contract into Closed and Narrow networks and Implications to DME providers

What is a closed or narrow network? A closed network is a payer network which currently has participating providers similar to you and, therefore, is not adding more similar providers, including you, to their network. A narrow network means it has just a few par providers of a certain type and are not looking to […]

Revenue cycle management checklist for DME Companies

Revenue cycle management checklist of durable medical equipment companies face workforce challenges, limited productivity, and slowing growth. Intelligent operations can provide DME companies the agility to respond. The revenue cycle management function has come a long way for companies with a recent paradigm shift in thinking from a cost centre to a profit centre view. […]

Provider Credentialing for DME Companies

Durable Medical Equipment is the equipment which includes oxygen supplies, wheelchairs, iron lungs, catheters etc. As you are starting a DME company, be prepared with time on hand, money, endurance and determination as it ultimately boils down to being paid for the products sold by your company. This means receiving DME bills from clients (patients/healthcare providers) […]

The Simple Steps for Creating an Online HME Business That Wins Customers

Many peoples, as well as hospitals and other health care facilities, need more medical equipment. Owning your own business is a great way to establish financial freedom and become your own boss. Businesses related to the health care field are especially profitable right now, as the demand for health care services continues to increase. That […]

DME Suppliers: Most Simple Things You Need to Know

DME Suppliers should have to work hand in hand in order to reach their potential patients and provide the best service if possible. Here are the five things that all suppliers of DMEs should know when working with other suppliers. 1) Medicare Guidelines It’s very important to follow the Medicare Guidelines when filling out paperwork […]