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DME Medicare Documentation: Put Your Foot Forward To Avoid Denials

The Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers extensive and detailed DME Medicare documentation guidelines in general , as well as other guidelines for documentation that can be found in Local Coverage Determinations and National Coverage Determinations.  Durable Medical Equipment billing continues to scrutinized by Medicare and other Commercial Carriers, so everyone needs to understand […]

Medical Credentialing Basics: A Step-by-step Overview To Avoid Distress

What is Medical Credentialing? For many licensed medical professionals, Medical Credentialing is known as 1) “the process of becoming contracted with insurance companies”, or 2) “the process of getting on insurance panels”, or 3) “what you need to do to be able to accept insurance.” If the process of credentialing is done carelessly, or passively then […]

How To Demonstrate Medical Necessity To Reverse a Claim Denial?

Insurance companies provide coverage for care, items and services that they deem to be “medically necessary”. Medical necessity is one of the most common reasons that insurers deny behavioral health claims. It is possible to get this type of denial overturned, but to do so; there are a few essential steps to follow. What is Medical Necessity? […]

Cyber Security: Is Your HME business at Risk?

WHY CYBER SECURITY IS A BUSINESS RISK? When you think of ‘cyber security’, many of us automatically think of the business’s IT department, slaving away in hoodies in front of their laptops, processing code, putting up firewalls and scanning for viruses. While this is part of their jobs, modern technology and the cyber threats that […]

Benefits of Mobile Technology: Financial Defense for Going Mobile

Mobile Technology has been one of those trends that have taken the business world by storm. Mobile device penetration has been rapid and monumental. In an industry facing reimbursement cuts, ever-evolving regulations and increased customer demand, DME executives are constantly searching for ways to streamline workflow and improve revenue. In order to achieve operational efficiency […]

Why Medical Practitioners Need To Manage Cash flow Monthly?

A medical practice is one of the most challenging types of businesses to manage cash flow. When a patient books an appointment, it’s very difficult to predict with certainty how much revenue that booking will generate, when the practice will get paid and what percentage of the amount owed will eventually be written off as noncollectable. How […]

Medical Practice: How to Run Value-based Care Analytics Reports?

As we move further into value-based care, the analytics and reporting segments of EHR will play an ever-larger role in collecting and analyzing data. Analysis and correct interpretation of reports gives providers actionable choices for improving quality of care and remaining compliant while boosting revenue as they grow their practices. However, depending on the level of sophistication […]