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How To Improve Clinical Documentation For Healthcare

How To Improve Clinical Documentation For Healthcare

For a healthcare provider or a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) stakeholder, the importance of clinical documentation improvement (CDI) cannot be emphasized enough. CDI is typically a focused effort to improve clinical documentation by ensuring accuracy, and, ultimately, enhance billing procedures. The different healthcare reforms that have been introduced have only served to highlight how critical it is to ensure […]

Podiatry billing services on Denial Management

Podiatry billing services is not something that you can be outsourced to a typical billing service or handed to a single financial employee. Podiatry medical claims billing should be handled by podiatry billing specialists who understand the complex practice and its requirements. Wonder Worth Solutions billing services can help you get rid of issues related […]

Challenges with Pending AR and Billing Challenges?

According to a research conducted by the Medical Group Management Association, better performing practices generate more revenue, create operational efficiency, ensure provider productivity and collect receivables quickly compared to their peers. It is important to review the AR on a regular basis to ensure the practice is collecting payment for services that were billed in […]

What are the Common Medical Billing Errors that cause Returned Claims?

The goal of the medical biller is to ensure that the provider is properly reimbursed for their services. In the pursuit of this goal, errors, both human and electronic, are unfortunately unavoidable. Since the process of medical billing involves two incredibly important elements (namely, health and money), it’s important to reduce as many of these […]