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Medical Coding

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How to Overcome Common Documentation Errors Identified by CERT & RACS?

Common Documentation Errors Identified by CERT & RACS. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services calculates the Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) improper payment rate through the CERT program. Each year, CERT evaluates a statistically valid stratified random sample of claims to determine if they were paid properly under Medicare coverage, coding, and billing rules. Are you on […]

Why ICD-10 accuracy codes important more now than ever?

ICD-10 accuracy codes reflect how medical practices treat their patients. Incorrect coding can lead to denied claims that hurt healthcare providers’ revenue streams. Unfortunately, sometimes when all the coding is done correctly, healthcare payers may not be able to hold up their end of the deal. ICD-10 accuracy codes reflect how medical practices treat their patients. That’s […]

Medical Billing and Coding Tips For Occupied Orthopedic Practices

Today, In the billing process the revenue cycle management is one of the most important functions for orthopedic practices. With proper billing, revenue will continue to come in with minimal delays minimizing stress and cash flow issues. When it comes to orthopedic billing, practices need to keep several important things in mind if they want to […]

How to improve ICD-10 productivity with remote coding?

Medical coding productivity may be returning to pre-ICD-10 productivity levels but there still is more ICD-10 coders. To meet that demand. For the Record explains how remote coding could provide strong advantages for healthcare providers: Greater flexibility in staffing. Availability of medical coders when case loads increase. Deeper pool of medical coding expertise. Reduced cost. For […]

A Comprehensive of Psychotherapy CPT Codes for Behavioural Health Billing

There are two changes in the psychiatry section of CPT for 2017 behavioral health billing. The first is the description of psychotherapy CPT codes were revised to remove the words “and/or family.” In 2016, CPT code 90832 was defined as “Psychotherapy, 30 minutes with patient and/or family member.” In 2017 the definition is “Psychotherapy, 30 […]