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DME Billing

DME Billing

At WWS, we combine innovative software solutions and dedicated experts to equip DMEs to compete more effectively in a constantly changing industry.

It’s where we’ve always been. For over 7 years we have made it our business to monitor the industry changes, reimbursement guidelines, and other changes that affect DME providers.

Our crisp approach to billing services streamlines provider operations and leverages advanced technology to better connect with payers and patients, helping DMEs increase efficiencies, collect faster, and grow their business.

The billing experts at WWS have in-depth payer knowledge across all product lines and all Medicare and commercial regions. Known for long-term relationships, we apply proven business processes and workflows to collect millions of dollars every year for clients across the country.

With most of our staff have experience in a provider’s office, we understand the needs of both sides. Having the experience, we do for as long as we have has enabled us to put processes in place that work best for both your office and ours.

DME Verification's and Authorizations

At WWS, we have an experience in carrying out successful authorizations for hundreds of DME cases each day. We verify the medical coverage of the patient in detail and ensure that the patient receives treatment approval within the appropriate time period, and we also help the Providers or Suppliers to receive the right reimbursement for the services rendered.

Our verifications can be done by calling the insurance company or online depending on specific insurances and the type of information that is needed. Our team can then ensure this detailed insurance benefit verification is updated into your billing system.

Take your business to the next level of success with our cost-effective yet powerful services and grow your business exponentially. Get started today!