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Medical Billing

Adding Value To Our Providers Day-To-Day Lives

What Really Matters - Medical Billing

At Wonder Worth Solutions, we can help you achieve greater profitability while at the same time freeing up your time to focus on patients. Our innovative and dynamic medical billing services will help you to achieve a high level of effectiveness that will result in the enhancement of overall practice management.

You will see dramatic change in the speed of your revenue cycle because we invest more time and resources into the initial claim process to avoid costly time delays and denials on the back end. We also use the latest technology and experienced personnel to anticipate and prevent coding and billing errors while maximizing output.

As part of our medical billing services, we offer a multitude of fully customized online reports for your practice. These reports offer a clear analysis of revenue cycle management, provider performance, insurance reimbursements, and more, using interactive charting. Simplify medical billing and coding by allowing us to streamline claims reimbursement and patient invoicing processes to ensure you maximize revenue and capture every dollar you’re entitled.

Outsource your insurance medical billing duties with our professional billing staff, and your days of insurance company stress can be over for good! We will take on all tedious responsibilities that come with medical insurance billing so you can focus all your energy on what really matters: your patients.


Our Specialities

  • A dedicated Billing Account Manager to ensure effective communication
  • Daily submission of claims for prompt payment
  • Claim scrubbing to prevent costly denials
  • Authorization verification and tracking
  • Creation and mailing of patient invoices
  • Appeals and follow-up on denied claims to ensure maximum reimbursement
  • A simple, secure, HIPAA-compliant billing platform that enables efficient communication
  • Online customizable reports that provide complete transparency

Cloud based Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) usage is spreading rapidly throughout the medical community. Part of this is because medical practices that effectively integrate their use are eligible for incentive payments from the government. Wonder Worth Solutions not only provides its clients with multiple EHR options to choose from, we also provide seamless integration with any billing software.

  • Professional, quick integration with the EMR vendor of your choice
  • Complimentary integration of billing software with existing EMR solutions
  • Complimentary maintenance ensuring continuous integration
  • Consultation and Advice on compatible EMR solutions

Wonder Worth Solutions consists of expert staff that works with a large selection of online practice management software that can deliver both reliable and fast reimbursements.

Our focus is to streamline the billing process, actively go after denials, increase total collections, and build confidence that your billing is running smoothly.

Pursuing claims is an important aspect of the services we provide. Our system prioritizes claims. going after all denials on our client’s behalf to ensure full reimbursement is made. We understand the importance of claim follow –up, and work aggressively to make certain that none of your money is ‘left on the table’. While in-house billers often do not have the time to appeal a denied claim, we focus on pursuing them until it is resolved.

Wonder Worth Solutions employs dedicated team of professionals who complete all aspects of the claim follow-up process, including calling the patients and payers, researching all denials and resolving payment issues.

Their primary focus is providing both accurate and prompt collections. Unpaid and disputed medical insurance claims are pursued aggressively. We also include secondary and tertiary medical claim billing.  The goal is a resolution, and our success is based entirely on our results.

How do we do this? Automation of tracking makes it possible to manage claims payments effectively. We track claims payments, adjustments, and responsible parties. With dedicated staff to enter all EOBs into the tracking system, Wonder Worth Solutions can expertly handle this task for you.

When you are our client, maintaining updated account records is no longer a concern. You also won’t have to worry about posting payments.

With our simple-to-use interface, you will be able to easily and quickly review the status of any claim. Ensuring you are receiving all of the revenues that you are entitled to.

It is the insurance companies’ responsibility to reduce reimbursement or flat out deny payment for services. The fact is, denials can happen for a number of reasons, but with a dedicated professional staff using an effective denial management system, insurance denials can be reduced.

Wonder Worth Solutions has developed a denial management system that is not only proficient; it is also effective.

With years of experience in the IT and medical billing service industry the experience and exposure has given us the data needed to analyze the thousands of reasons insurance companies may use for denials.

We have looked at the different payers, and created rules that power our software. Our intelligent system has a process for every type of denials, as well as the corresponding resolution.

  • Our rules engine handles every denial, assigning a unique resolution code to each one
  • Each denial is organized by remarks, adjustment codes and EOB messages
  • Relevant users are notified by workflow if needed for input
  • Denials that need further information are flagged for the office staff
  • Resolution suggestions are included with each denial to assist staff
  • Users can filter and search information easily

Keep Tabs!
Watch for Loopholes
Adopting a targeted collections strategy
Control collection costs
Monitor, benchmark, improve

Nowadays, patients are becoming responsible for increasingly larger amounts of their medical bills. The combination of changing co-insurance requirements and increasing co-pays and deductibles have led to this situation.

To prevent the possibility of non-payment, medical practices should always attempt to collect payment when the service is rendered. However, when both the patients and practice do not know exactly how much their co-insurance or deductible is, all of the money may not be collected. Patient collections, therefore, requires both skill and experience.

Wonder Worth Solutions features a patient invoicing system that is inclusive of the entire billing process. Our system can send out as many invoices as necessary to collect co-pay and self-paid accounts. We automatically contact patients, taking the process out of your hands.

Since we are a third party, we can aggressively, yet courteously, manage the entire billing process, and, when needed, referring the account to collections through a reputable national agency.