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More Control. More Money

More Control. More Money

What could your practice do with an extra $100,000 or $300,000 more per year?

  • Expand your practice.
  • Purchase new medical equipment’s.
  • Increase your take home pay.

These are the types of returns you can expect from your investment with WWS billing services that get you maximum reimbursements.

We’ll make sure you collect ALL that’s due to you on every claim.

Sensible Custom-built Pricing Structure

In most cases, WWS will provide services under a fee structure that may utilize both a flat fee and/or a percentage of net collections. Because we believe in our ability to perform at high levels of competence, our outcome oriented fee structure aligns ourselves with the same goals as you. That is to ensure the highest and appropriate levels of reimbursement for your medical services.

Our pricing is based on several variables, including your specialty, number of providers, and average claims per month.

Several items such as your current average monthly charges and collections, current A/R, number of providers, specialties and payor mix are taken into consideration to develop a Sensible Custom-built Pricing Structure that actually reflects the work we do on your behalf.

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No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t use restrictive, long-term contracts at any given point.

Why? Because we believe in earning your continued business – every day, every month, for years to come.

Our initial contract is just 6 short months, providing enough time to demonstrate how simple and profitable our outsourced billing solutions can be for your medical practice. After that, you can switch to an eleven-month plan, with the option to cancel your agreement at any time with only 30 days’ notice.

No more being stuck in long-term contracts that just aren’t working for you.

Are you ready to shorten your Days in AR, maximize revenue and minimize hassle?

Outsourcing Medical Billing Is Easier

When You Have Guaranteed Results

Making the decision about outsourcing medical billing can be difficult, especially if you have never outsourced before, have had a bad billing outsourcing experience or have heard horror stories about outsourcing medical billing.

WWS makes the outsourcing medical billing process and decision much easier – we offer you the only Service Level Guarantee in the industry. We guarantee:

  • 01 85% of your charges will be resolved within 60 days
  • 02 95% of your charges will be resolved within 120 days
  • 03 We will create and submit insurance claims by the end of the first weekday after our office receives completed encounter documentation from your office or facility

Outsourcing medical billing is a much easier decision to make when you know that your medical billing company has its revenue on the line if they do not provide outstanding service.