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Accounts Receivable Services

Reduce Your Average AR Days to <30 With Our Proven Streamlining Methodologies

Accounts Receivable Services

For healthcare providers and hospitals, the process of filing and following up on insurance claims is critical, especially in light of the trends of falling rate of reimbursement, increasing patient deductibles and rising operating costs.

Accounts Receivable (AR) management is a dedicated process where in unwanted account aging, escalating number of AR days and denials can be checked. WWS provides reliable and systematic Accounts Receivable Management Outsourcing Services for Medical and Healthcare providers to enable your business to shorten the revenue cycle and improve your cash flow.WWS has achieved HIPAA compliance and is certified for its information security.

By capitalizing on our qualified professionals and streamlined, secure and cost-effective processes, your healthcare business will be able to collect insurance and payment reimbursements in a more efficient manner. Outsourcing medical AR management will also enable your business’ employees to focus on mission-critical work and provide the best possible care and attention to patients.


Accounts Receivable Management Services That Fast-Track Claim Reimbursement

Accounts Receivable Follow-Up / Insurance Follow-Up: After submission of the medical claims to the insurance payer, our accounts receivable team will keep track of all claims that cross the 30-day bucket and take action to pursue these.

In case of under-payment of claims, we take all necessary steps with the insurance company to ensure accurate processing and payment recovery.

Our specialists in medical billing and accounts receivable teams are quick to spot any errors in the rejected claim, to ensure that it gets re-filed and the denial can be appealed without any delay. Data sources will be reviewed, medical coding will be checked and any systematic and repetitive problems will be identified.

Our Denial Analysts will co-ordinate with your team to request for any further information, if required. If the patient is responsible for the denied claim, then the claim is billed to him/ her.

Through meticulously trained and specialist patient follow-up executives we follow up with the patients to pursue any outstanding balance that is still pending after processing of the claim.

The principles of good customer service are followed to avoid creating any discontent. If the patient does not respond to the follow-up communication, the balance is moved to collections. We generate a report for it and send it to your team for further action.

Through our detailed reporting package, which includes insurance aging reports, objectively your business will have complete visibility about its financial health and the length of the accounts receivable settlement and claim collection cycles.

Simplifying the Revenue Cycle Management

Get your business an edge with the following: reduced accounts receivable cycle, increased collection, decreased bad debt and optimized cost-to-collect.

WWS follows the highest quality management standards and global best practices to ensure accuracy in the results that are delivered to your business.

WWS accounts receivable team is coached to deliver results within the required timeframe. Leveraging the time zone advantage that you gain by outsourcing to our 24×7 delivery centers, with our dedication the only result possible is to optimize the revenue cycle for your company.

WWS has the capability to scale up the resources assigned to your project as per your business requirement. Our flexibility and customization will assure you of our assurance to your continued business growth.