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We at Wonder Worth Solutions consider ourselves fortunate to be handling telemedicine credentialing & the industry since 2006 when a Mental Health client had an idea to start doing web visits for a rural area in Kentucky.

Since then, we have assisted clients across the spectrum of specialties expand their practice onto the web.

With state of the art technology so readily available, it’s an easy and worthwhile for many practices to move into the telemedicine arena. At WWS, our expertise in the area of credentialing and provider enrollment make the transition process smooth and effective. Our status as the first nationwide credentialing company, we are humbled to say that we are the best option for anyone that takes telemedicine seriously.

Our core expertise in telemedicine are:

  • State licensing and physician credentialing
  • Technology consulting
  • Insurance enrollment and credentialing services
  • Network expansion consulting and business development
  • Website design, branding and search engine optimization services
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